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Business Proposals and Jobs

Excellent job opportunities for growth for the candidates who wish to work in a professional environment. The company has high ethical standards and only wish to associate the candidates in their business, who believes in Honesty, Hard-work, Dedication, Self- Advancement based on merit and believe in contributing to the growth of the company. The salary and remunerations for all the positions will be commensurate with achievement and experience and generally will be comparable to best in the industry. The current vacancies are listed below-

    A. Enterpreneourial Positions-
  • Co-Promoter and Managing Director

Co-Promoter required for a 30 years old Public Limited Company engaged in the business of System Engineering, Design, Installation and Commissioning of Electronic Systems including Security Electronic Systems. The company has an equity of Rs. 2 crore and total investment in the company is Rs. 4.5 Crore. The company is profitable and has no outside liabilities except limited Bank finance up to Rs. 30 lacs against company stocks. Though there are around 250 Shareholders who have invested into the company, but funding an equity and other investments has been primarily from the current promoter in the region of 390-400 lacs. The company has fully up-to-date compliances on all company law matters, Income Tax, GST. etc and has currently no outstandings of any significant value. The company is guided by maintaining high ethical standards in business dealings and has never defaulted with any stakeholders in the business with the company. CO-PROMOTER IS REQUIRED DUE TO ADVANCING AGE OF THE CURRENT PROMOTER and will be expected to perform the following responsibilities being currently performed by the Current Promoter. 1) Develop Strategic Objectives and Direction and carrying the weight of the company on his shoulder- The Co-promoter will be responsible for devising new strategic plans and policies to further the growth of the company. Will be responsible for formulating and implementing plans for revenue growth and profits. 2) The co-promoter will drive and help the company to achieve new targets an shape the key performance indicators with a view to take the company forward for stock listing in the exchanges. Co-promoter should be willing to make an investment in the company amounting to at least in the region of Rs. 90-100 lacs in equity stake and should have capability to occupy a Board position immediately as an Executive Director. He would be expected to take over the functions of Managing Director at the earliest. The Co-Promoter should be either an Engineering Graduate or an MBA with at least 8 years of successful performance experience in the Industry. He will get a ready established platform and infrastructure and should have the ability to lead the existing team and take the company forward. The Co-Promoter is expected to have High ethical and Moral standards, desire to put hard work and be ambitious for growing the business. The current promoter is himself an Electronics Engineer graduate from a most reputed Indian University and has a wide experience in almost all areas of Electronics business and has been working generally Chairman/Managing Director of large Public Limited Companies in the country for more than 30 years. He will continue to be associated and provide necessary guidance, help and support for meeting these objectives. However Managing Director will have independent responsibility for providing and arranging further finances for the growth of the company and as a Young Entrepreneur will have full freedom and independence to shape the business according to his dreams to make it a leading Electronics Company in the Country.

  • Enterpreneourial Executive Director

The company is also looking for Entrepreneurial Executive Director. This is Entrepreneurial position and is meant for a person who wants to manage and participate financially by investing in the shareholding of the company. He will be responsible for securing business for the projects to be implemented by the company and will also be responsible for the profitability of the business independently. His prime responsibility will be to ensure positive monthly cash flows by generating suitable revenue and controlling expenses and for timely payment of all the obligations which may arise for the conduct of the business including timely payment to suppliers, contractors and employees involved in this activity. The selected candidate will be either Electrical or Electronics Engineer with experience in the Electronic Security Systems Industry and will have proven record of performance in the conduct of the above business either as a Business entrepreneur or Senior Manager in a large company. The position is open for any honest energetic and enthusiastic individual. The Earnings will be primarily performance based and will comprise of earnings from (a) Fixed minimum monthly salary of Rs. 50, 000. + (b) Rs. 50,000 per month from positive cash flow generation. + (c) 0.25% of the revenue received from sales subject to a limit of Rs. 1 lac per month. + (d) Re-imbursement of Conveyance Expenses at actuals for the use of his personal vehicle as per the Company norms. + (e) 5% of the Net Profit accrued at the end of the financial year governed by the applicable statutory rules and subject to any restrictions which may be imposed by Company Law Board or any other statutory authorities. Selected candidate will be elevated to the Board of the Company, in case, his performance is found to be good after completion of one year of service and on attaining successful business results as will be mutually agreed upon at the time of induction. The position has the potential for extra ordinary career advancement opportunities for a person who is excellent performer and has unquestionable integrity and such a person will also be provided liberal stock options provided he is in a position to run the company in a profitable position with Dividend declaration capability for a period of 3 years.

    B. Current Job Vaccancies

  • Senior Project Manager
  • Business Development Manager
  • Technical Manager
  • Service Engineer and Technician
  • Project Engineer - Fire Fighting Equipment
  • Project Engineer - Electrical

  • Senior Project Manager

Senior Project Manager will be responsible for Pre-Sales and Post- Sales responsibilities for securing and implementing projects in the areas stated above and completing them successfully with desired profitability. · The selected candidate will be an experienced Project Manager who is technically and commercially sound and has proven technical and business ability to procure the projects and implement them successfully. · He will be responsible for achieving the projections given by him for himself and a team of Business Development Managers and Installation Staff who may be reporting to him. · The selected candidate will be Electronics Engineer or an MBA or preferably both who has track record of performance in the above business areas. The person should have business acumen and should be in the age group of 30-38 years with minimum business experience of 6 years in a similar capacity. The selected candidate after successful performance will have the opportunity to rise to the position of General Manager/Vice-President in the company.

  • Business Development Manager

Young performing individuals with proven track record of procuring business in the area of Security Electronic System and Allied products who have worked in System Integration business. The candidates will be in the age group of 25-30 years with minimum 4 years ‘successful experience. · The candidate should demonstrate energy and skills in procuring business in a competitive market at the predetermined profitable prices for the company. · The candidate should possess excellent communication skills in making presentations and securing business for the company. .Though there are no restrictions on qualification, candidates with a degree in Electronic Engineers or MBA or both will be preferred.

  • Technical Manager

· Candidates should have experience in Installation and Commissioning of Electronic Security systems and Allied Systems with ability to resolve technical problems both in Software as well as Hardware. · Candidates should have deep technical and analytical capability to grasp the problem being experienced by technical staff at site and offer solutions to them to complete their work successfully and get the project implemented at site. · Candidates with Pre-Sales capability along with good presentation skills will be preferred. · Candidate should be good Electronics or Electrical Engineer with at least 5 years’ experience in successful installation and commissioning of Security Electronic Systems · Though preference will be given to Engineering Graduates, candidates with diploma in Electrical and Electronics and proven track record in installation will have no disadvantage in selection.

  • Service Engineer and Technician

· Good Opportunities exist for candidates having successful experience in Installation & Commissioning and servicing of Electronic Security Systems. Those candidates who will have a formal diploma certificate from a certified institute with minimum experience of 3 years in this line will be considered for direct appointment for the position of Service Engineers. Those who do not have Diploma in Electronics and have done certificate courses will be offered the position of Technician or Senior Technician as the case may be, depending upon their performance during the interview. · The candidate with a diploma and have experience of 4 years in this line will be considered for the position of Assistant Service Engineers.

  • Poject Manager - Fire Fighting Equipment

Candidates should be graduate in Mechanical or Fire Protection Engineer with techno-commercial skills in Design, Engineering & Execution of Fire Protection, Suppression and Detection System Projects, which includes Water based Fire Protection Systems, Gas based Fire suppression Systems & Conventional Fire Alarm Systems. Candidates should have ability to work on BOQ after supervision of site and should be able to prepare and understand Engineering design.

  • Poject Manager - Electrical

Candidates should be B.E/BTech in Electricals with Hands-on experience of minimum 3-4 years in business procurement, preparation of BOQ and implementation of Electrical Projects.

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